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What is FOX Pool?

FOX Pool is a german stake pool for Cardano.
We provide a secure and green stake environment to participate in the cardano network. Constantly monitored systems ensure a safe ride through the cryptoverse

Why stake with FOX Pool?

 We operate in a high security Datacentre in Frankfurt, which is highly efficient and sustainability. Our young but experienced team aims to support decentralization of various blockchains, while providing good return on investment (ROI) for our delegators. Running in a efficient and green environment gets us to 0 Emissions for our operations.
As we are directly redundant connected with the DE-CIX in Frankfurt- Worlds biggest data-center-neutral internet exchange point – we can provide one of the fastest connections in Europe!

We utilize various monitoring solutions like prometheus, grafana and datto rmm to ensure 2-3

With certified green electricity and modern Kyoto-cooling systems. CO2 Neutral operations made in germany!

Our servers are located in a high security and TÜV level 3 certified Datacenter.

Don’t trust in people, trust math.

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About us

Our Team

With the foundation of “tech reform”, a small team of Datacenter engineers and project managers formed to become an engine of digitalization. In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world and our projects bookings got cancelled due to supply-chain interruptions, we decided to go for the blockchains.
We love the idea of decentralized cryptographical currencies and utility tokens in public ledgers.
To get things started, we decided to build our own hosting infrastructure focusing on cutting edge technology for security and performance – thus keeping a keen eye on the environment.
Selecting a datacenter co-location for our plans was therefor focused on efficiency and least effect on the planet.
Supplied with 100% green energy from the next-door power plant and the super efficient Kyoto-cooling system
Come and join us in our journey into the cryptoverse.
We are taking care of the technical side; you enjoy the ride!
About us
Q2 2018
tech reform company formation
A new beginning
Q4 2021
Stake Operator
First public stake pool online on the cardano network.
Q1 2022
Run a Harmony node
As second chain to run a stake pool on, we chose Harmony (ONE).
Q4 2022
1.000.000 Cardano staked
Our node produced its first Block and we keep on rocking.
Q1 2023
Vote for the next supported Chain!
Community Launch for next supported blockchain to run a stake pool, validator or collator on.
Q3 2022
NFT Foxes for Delegators
Delegators will obtain NFTs for their trust in us, the longer the stake, the rarer the take.

Our Datacenter

Frankfurt is a more popular location than ever before for server housing, partly because of its proximity to the world’s largest internet exchange DE-CIX. That’s why maincubes has equipped its high performance FRA01 facility with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees 100% availability, a reliable power supply and maximum security standards. Hosting services customers can also take advantage of the secureexchange® platform to procure or offer services in a global marketplace. Further services, such as security automation, SD-WAN, DDoS and many more can be found here.
  • Ultra-modern high-performance data center on 4,200 m2
  • Located close to DE-CIX (DE-CIX-enabled site since Q2 2019)
  • ISO 27001:2017-certified and TÜV Level-2-3-tested
  • ISAE 3402
  • ISO 9001
  • ÖkoPLUS-certified
  • PUE ratio <1.3
  • FRA01 is supplied exclusively with green electricity
  • German-law/ GDPR-compliant data protection
  • Winner of the German Data Center Award
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